The Embodied Actor

There is a saying, “talking about music is like dancing about architecture.”  I feel the same way about discussing acting technique.  First of all, it’s art not math.  Secondly, even if I told you every step in a linear fashion, to understand it truly, you still have to do it.  That being said, one of the most under-discussed parts of how successful an actor is at their work has to do with their nervous system.  



Fight, Flight Or Act

Understanding your nervous system can set you free and is one of the actor’s most powerful tools.  This technique teaches you how to transform the energy you already possess so you can confidently tackle any scene or audition with confidence and ease.  If you are a skilled professional actor, this technique will enhance the way you already work by  allowing more of you to be available for connection and emotion.   For beginners, this simple technique builds you from the inside out, developing both your skills as an actor and the confidence to hold your own with the most seasoned professionals.  It is truly a method where you can learn to count on yourself, not your scene partner or your teacher.  I believe that an actor’s best resource is an ability to understand themself and what makes them tic.