Scene Assignment for July 24th


THIS IS NOT FOR TOMORROW, BUT THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY.  Tomorrow we will do the scenes from last week.  

For July, 24th :

Everyone is working on the same scene.  Please be off book.  You have more than a week to get off book, but it's long and if you wait until the day before to work on this it's not going to go well.  Please rehearse with anyone in your life, but not someone in class, do your work and be ready for anything.

Scene Assignments

James: GEORGE     Katie: DORIS     SAME TIME NEXT YEAR P. 5-8 End with "I'm an animal."

Jared: GEORGE      Sam: DORIS      SAME TIME NEXT YEAR P. 8-11 Start with "I don't know what got into me."

Gordon: GEORGE    Katie: DORIS    SAME TIME NEXT YEAR P. 11 - 13 Start with "It's really crazy"

NOTE:  THIS IS A PERIOD PIECE.  Please prepare as such.  Rehears with your scene partner, read the script, do you work, bring 2 sets of sides.  Have fun!

Scene Assignments

Sam: SARAH      Gordon: PETER                                                      FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL  p.3-6 (Week 1 only)

Nika: ANN Jared: BRIAN    James: PETER    Sam: LESLIE              FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL      p. 11-14 (Week 1 only)

Nika: RACHEL James: PETER                                                          FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL p.55-58 

Jared: BRIAN    Gordon: PETER                                                       FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL p.7-8 (Week 2 only)


Scene Assignments

Nika: EVE        James: RON (NURSE FRAZIN Sam)      Scene 20 and 21 DALLAS BUYERS CLUB

Katie: EVE      Jared: RON  Scene 95   DALLAS BUYERS CLUB

Sam: EVE        James: RON   Scene 112, 126, 134      DALLAS BUYERS CLUB

Gordon: RON   Jared: RAYON  Scene 57, 91         DALLAS BUYERS CLUB

Make sure you scroll down to see if you are at the end of your scene... this script has blank areas on certain pages.