Waking The Actor Studio Policies

  • DO NOT BE LATE! It is very important to be on time and casual lateness will not be tolerated.  If you have an emergency,  please text Katie to let her know when you will arrive. Once you arrive please text Katie again.  If you arrive after we’ve started, we will come down to get you after the warmup.  

  • Absence Policy     Please EMAIL all absences to the studio as soon as you know about them, at least 24 hours in advance, so that we can book you out on our class calendar and make any necessary scene partner/assignment changes.   We strongly discourage last minute cancellations.  Same day cancellations will not be eligible for makeups. Showing up to class is a commitment you've made not only to yourself but also to your classmates, your scene partners, and myself.  In the case of a day of class emergency, text Katie and she will call you.

  • Always bring two sets of sides with you to every class.

  • You are expected to be off book every week, unless otherwise specified.

  • Rehearse with your scene partner at least once before class unless otherwise specified.

  • Tuition is due the first class of every month, unless you have made other payment arrangements in advance. Tuition can be paid on the website or with check, cash, credit card, and Venmo.  Katie will collect tuition at the first break of the first class of the month.  IF you are not there when tuition is collected, please make sure your tuition has been taken care of prior to class.

  • Please read all studio emails completely and thoroughly in a timely manne. We don't send that many and they always have information that is pertinent to YOU!


Please sign this form and return it on your first class and save a copy for your own records.